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Pre-paid Legal Services was born out of an accident. It was back in 1969 when a motor vehicle accident happened in Oklahoma, which led to the victim, Harland Stonecipher, being hospitalized. The other party had been cited to be at fault but they still had the audacity to sue the victim for the said accident. Mr. Stonecipher had no choice but to hire a lawyer to defend him and eventually used up all his lifetime savings in doing so. Although he had complete coverage in terms of auto and medical insurance as he was then working in the insurance industry, he however did not have protection for the legal expenses that piled up. It was during that time when Mr. Stonecipher created Pre-paid Legal’s predecessor with a mission and vision to make affordable legal protection accessible to everyone.

Pre-paid Legal provides legal plans to families and small businesses that need financial aid in hiring a lawyer. These Pre-paid Legal plans primarily offer to pay back a portion of the plan holder’s expenses for several legal civil services he might need.

The two basic Pre-paid Legal plans are the $16 Pre-paid Legal plan and the $25 Pre-paid Legal Plan that is also called the Pre-paid Legal Expanded plan. The coverage that is included in Pre-paid Legal plans are preventive legal services, representation for any moving traffic violations, trial defense services, IRS audit services, and for legal issues that do not fall under any of those, one can get legal services at a discounted hourly rate.

Another Pre-paid Legal service program is called the Pre-paid Network Marketing Card that offers policies mostly to middle-income families that comprise 80% of America’s population and minorities who either cannot afford top lawyers, do not qualify for public defenders, or who are concerned with being unfairly treated or profiled by the police. With the Pre-paid Network Marketing card, legal protection, representation, and services can be accessed on call, 24 hours a day for any civil issues from a Pre-paid Legal 1-800 number. This program was launched soon after Pre-paid Legal Services Inc. was renamed Network Marketing after it decided to merge with Mid Ocean Partners in the middle of 2011

Over the last three years, Pre-paid Legal’s revenues have been reported to have increased by as much as 40%. Pre-paid Legal has also provided more than 425,000 Pre-paid Legal plans to its members in more than 50 states. Pre-paid Legal has also paid more than $150,000,000 to more than 100,000 lawyers. The Pre-paid Network Marketing Card in New York costs $13.95 a month while the Pre-paid Network Marketing Card in all other states costs $16 a month.

Aside from providing legal protection and  identity theft protection, Pre-paid Legal is also known to be a multi-layer marketing company where for every six Pre-paid Legal plan holders, one of them eventually decide to become a Pre-paid Legal associate as well, either as a full-time Pre-paid Legal associate or as a part-time Pre-paid Legal partner.

Some of the benefits Pre-paid Legal or Network Marketing independent associates get include receiving commissions daily for every Pre-paid Legal plan sold, creating a leveraged income by forming one’s own Pre-paid Legal Service team, and receiving overriding commissions for sales made by all the other associates he is able to recruit. Top performing Pre-paid Legal or Network Marketing associates can also expect to be given special recognitions and awards for their efforts.

To become a part of the Pre-paid Legal or Network Marketing network marketing, one needs to pay a membership fee of $249; this entitles one to marketing materials, and company training and support.

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